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Temperature Control

Temperature Control Solutions for Industrial Automation
For over 50 years Eurotherm have specialised in manufacturing temperature and process control instrumentation which improve process efficiency and product quality while minimising waste due to their high accuracy PID algorithms. Eurotherm temperature control products include single and multi-loop controllers, indicator and alarm units and associated software.

Single loop controllers
Multi-loop controllers
Indicator and alarm units
Configuration Software

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NEW EPC2000 Programmable Controller launched

Eurotherm launches their latest cybersecurity certified programmable controllers to improve process yieldSimplify precision PID control in process automation systemsAid repeatability...

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Trouble shooting temperature control equipment

So your control system is crippled. No problem, you are the engineer who is ready today because he got ready...

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Efficiency advances in glass fibre bushing control

Improving the overall performance of glass fibre bushingArticle by René Meuleman, Global Glass Business Development Manager at Eurotherm by Schneider...

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EPC3000 Controller ‘how to’ tutorials

Read more about this article...

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EPC3000 Controller

Whatever your process, the EPC3000 range easily achieves the required stability, accuracy and repeatabilityEfficient, consistent production qualityEPC3000 programmable controllers deliver...

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EPC2000 Controller ‘how to’ tutorials

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EPC2000 Controller

Whatever your process, the EPC2000 controller delivers outstanding performance precisely where it is needed.Easily providing required stability, accuracy and repeatability,...

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You want good control? Check the location and construction of your temperature sensor

A plastics recycling plant used ducted hot air to dry the shredded and washed stream of post consumer polyethylene bags....

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Where feedback benefits your process

Negative feedback reports back what is, compares it with what should be and makes the system work to minimise the...

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What is the Real Cost of a Process Controller?

Advice on what to look for when buying products for Temperature ControlThe purchase price is only a small part of...

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Vulcanisation Cure Time Calculation

Vulcanisation is a process that is performed to harden rubber and improve its strength. The process, which is performed within...

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Virtual Channels using the nanodac Recorder / Controller

Vulcanisation is a process that is performed to harden rubber and improve its strength. The process, which is performed within an...

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