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Pharma 4.0: Digital Transformation and Smart Manufacturing

APAC Conference

3rd December 2020 | Live


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A safer world needs data integrity and trust

We are living in a world that is transforming at a rapid pace, and within life sciences this is  particularly amplified by the unprecedented challenges of the last year.

Against this backdrop it is paramount to address the challenges facing the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry within data integrity, cybersecurity and compliance. Applying emerging technologies can lead to more trusted, resilient and flexible manufacturing processes and a safer world.

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Safer world

Why should you join this event?

  • Hear from leading manufacturers on how they are implementing digital data management.
  • Understand the latest Data Integrity requirements based on ALCOA+ principles and risk analysis methodology
  • Learn how to address cybersecurity within connected automation systems and best practice between IT/OT
  • Discover how Eurotherm industry solutions and expert strategy can help simplify regulatory compliance and enhance trust
  • Explore facility management excellence with a virtual smart factory tour

What will you take away?

  • Engage directly with industry experts
  • Network and learn with your peers about how ISPE Pharma 4.0™ technology is being implemented
  • Connect with local partners on your specific needs and solutions
  • Gain insights on the right solutions for your business
  • Access exclusive content curated by industry thought leaders, customers and partners

Check out the agenda

Access session times and full summaries for the Pharma 4.0: Smart Manufacturing event here

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Featured Discussion

Panel Discussion: Managing Data in Smart Manufacturing

Join Industry professionals and manufacturing leaders across the APAC region as they give a holistic view on transitioning to Pharma 4.0.

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Managing Data Integrity Risks and Compliance

Get the inside track on Data Integrity ALCOA+ and data management risk mitigation strategies.

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Tackling Cybersecurity and Increasing Resilience

Hear about best practices in bridging IT/ OT and how to protect data, manage risk and increase resilience.

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Simplifying Validation & Qualification Operations

Improve audit process and reduce Capex with the Eurotherm risk based approach to ISPE GAMP® 5 qualification and validation

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How Digitization can Improve Asset Compliance

With asset compliance at the core of the solution find out how to reduce testing costs and increase productivity with a cloud hosted digital services platform.

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Simple Steps for Effective Facility Management

Pharma facilities require control (BMS) and Monitoring (EMS) solutions. Effective segregation of these systems aligns critical steps for a cost effective solution and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

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Pharma 4.0: Digital Transformation and Smart Manufacturing

APAC Conference

3rd December 2020 | Live

Meet the speakers

Meet the speakers

Our International Exhibitors

Who should attend?

This is an exclusive event for decision influencers and leaders in manufacturing, quality, information technology and digital transformation within Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Healthcare  and Industrial Automation.

A strategic forum providing thought leadership from your peers across the APAC region.

Leaders in: Quality Assurance | Engineering | Operations | Information Technology | Healthcare | Research and Development | Digitization | Innovation

Pharma 4.0: Digital Transformation and Smart Manufacturing

APAC Conference

3rd December 2020 | Live

Don’t miss this first Pharma 4.0 virtual event! Get ready


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