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Semiconductor Solutions

Eurotherm are experts in control performance for semiconductor applications

What we do at Eurotherm

At Eurotherm we passionately support our customers with specialist application knowledge and experience. The semiconductor industry demands greater accuracy at higher temperatures during wafer processing applications. We can help you achieve process excellence through machine automation efficiency and regulatory compliance:

Over 25 years’ expertise improving control performance within semiconductor applications

Wide range of industry-specific communication protocols such as EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP and DeviceNet

Supported by a highly-skilled product customization team within R&D

Mini8® Multiloop Controller

Compact, high performing and cost-effective solution using EtherCAT

  • Compact
  • High performance multiloop temperature control: High accuracy analog measurement
  • Cost effective: Can support up to 16 control loops or 32 measurement channels
  • EtherCAT communications:  Ideal for semiconductor applications
  • Other communications options: Modbus TCP / Modbus Serial (EIA-485) / PROFIBUS /       DeviceNet / Ethernet IP
Explore Mini8 Multiloop Controllers

EPack™ Thyristor Power Controller – 1PH | 2PH | 3PH

Ideal for semiconductor machinery – compact and highly adaptable for specialist applications

  • Compact and robust design: High reliability in demanding environments
  • Simple setup and operation
  • Easy Connection:  PLCs, networked devices and Industry 4.0 / IIoT technologies
  • Maximizes process efficiency: Advanced configurable firing modes enable close matching to load characteristics
  • Communications options: Modbus TCP / Ethernet I/P / Profinet / EtherCAT
Discover EPack

EPC3000 Single Loop Programmable Controller

Helps maximize yield at a high quality with products that are built to last

  • Fast, accurate process measurement inputs with high thermal stability
  • Enhanced temperature control algorithm responds quickly to process disturbances
  • Certified to Achilles® Communications Robustness Level 1: Cybersecurity standard adopted by world’s largest suppliers / end users of industrial control and safety systems
  • Ethernet enabled: Fast access to process and diagnostic information
  • Easy integration: External PLC or SCADA systems via a standard RJ45 connector
  • Communication options: Modbus TCP / Modbus serial (EIA-485) / Ethernet I/P Server /           BACnet Slave
Discover EPC3000 Programmable Controllers

Excellent OEM Solutions

Research & Development customization assists OEMs to differentiate and add value

  • Customization options:
    • Private labelling services aid OEM brand promotion
    • Custom software and hardware developments add value to an OEM offering
  • Ready to use out of the box; saves time, money and minimizes inaccuracies:

Pre-loaded with clone files that set necessary parameters / configuration – products are correctly configured / operate as expected

Explore our OEM Custom Solutions

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