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Service level agreements (SLA)

Why should you consider a service level agreement (SLA)?

Eurotherm SLAs have been developed so that you can select the perfect level of service to meet your needs.    The agreements cover items such as speed of response, access to services, spares and warranties, preventive maintenance, remote diagnostics and onsite technical support days. Whatever you choose, Eurotherm will help you make sure you get the best value for your money based on your process needs. SLAs are designed to reduce downtime, have been proven to lower maintenance costs and increase system availability. Eurotherm SLAs are tailored to your requirements and give you the peace of mind you need to support the critical aspects of your system.

  • High quality, rapid response support
  • Field engineers around the globe
  • Global technical support team available 24/7
  • Total flexibility to define the level of service you want and need
  • Services designed to maximise your system availability and return on investment
  • Future proof SLA
  • Complete peace of mind

What does SLA cover?

The beauty of an SLA is that it can be tailored to cover the items you require and provide the services that you want. You can pre -book resources to aid production planning and have the level of access you need in the response time that you need it. It consists of professional service offerings customised to meet your needs. SLAs are completely flexible and can be adapted to your service requirements both today and in the future.

Why can a SLA improve your return on investment?

A SLA is designed to deliver value for money and cover the needs of your system through its lifetime. It will help maintain reliability and reduce downtime through a shared understanding of your process and its requirements. An SLA is based on proven support services and is made to fit your process while being much more than a ‘standard service’

** New Service Product: Future proof SLA **

This bespoke agreement provides the customer with a model of support to cover their constantly changing needs based on market and operational situations in a rapidly changing technologies environment.

This agreement is a cost-effective approach to manage and mitigate some of these business complexities.

This bespoke agreement program is specifically designed to provide customers with valuable assistance when it comes to improving operational performance, protecting critical investments, maximizing asset performance and reducing total cost of ownership and getting maximum value from your investment.

Future proof benefits included are:

  • SLA with a difference, with built in future proof upgrades on software and hardware included to support new operating systems.
  • Stay current with the latest versions for your software licenses, hardware and have the peace of mind that your asset will perform to its maximum efficiency.
  • Get a discount on the application upgrade.
  • Your system will always be current and supported with latest operating system available.
  • SLAs with added value of 100% discount on future upgrades on software licenses.

An SLA is not just an agreement, it is a lifetime service tailored to your needs

Please contact your local Eurotherm representative or email your request for more information & details.

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