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Technical or application support

From small solutions to complex systems, investing in our support services can help you to increase efficiency, maximize plant availability and protect your valuable investments.

For telephone support (office hours)

Call us on 01903 695777 Waiting times are typically less than 5 minutes.

Support Outside office hours

Email us at support.eurotherm.uk@SE.com A dedicated Telephone support line is available to customers with SLA agreements. Click here to visit the Service SLA page Eurotherm are a global organisation with Technical support teams in USA, Europe and APAC. If you initiate a LiveChat conversation outside our local office hours, then one of colleagues in another country may be able to help. However, we cannot guarantee they can provide support in your language.

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Live Chat – (office hours only)

Live Chat. Start a conversation with a member of our support team. Waiting times are typically less than 5 minutes.

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Email Support

Email us for support and technical queries. support.eurotherm.uk@se.com. Eurotherm typically respond same working day, but if your email arrives late in the afternoon then the response could be next working day.

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Eurotherm FAQ’s

Eurotherm user forum “Get Satisfaction”. Eurotherm has an active and vibrant user community here. You can search for an existing solution for issues or seek assistance from other members of the community. The community is open for anyone to join, raise questions or propose answers to questions raised by other members. Eurotherm employees are also active members within this community.
However, as this community is open for anyone to propose a solution, then Eurotherm cannot vouch for its accuracy. This community is predominantly English language based.

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Browse our extensive range of Data sheets, Brochures, User guides, Certifications, CAD drawings, Case Studies, App Notes, T’s & C’s and more, all available for download today.

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Alternative support channels

If you typically purchase Eurotherm products from one of Eurotherm’s partners then they can also provide support and may have more knowledge of your applications, circumstances and installed base. A list of partners for your country can be found here.

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Discontinued Eurotherm Products and Obsolescence Procedure

Eurotherm by Schneider Electric are always enhancing and developing products and solutions as technologies progress, this results in some older product ranges becoming obsolete – More information on these ranges are available in our Obsolete Product section

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> Obsolescence Procedure

Eurotherm Support Articles

Read our extensive range of support articles

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Eurotherm Training

Discover the latest Eurotherm training courses.

Eurotherm Services

Eurotherms comprehensive support covers both obsolete product ranges as well as the latest innovations. From small solutions to complex systems, investing in our support services can help you to increase efficiency, maximise plant availability and protect your valuable investments. With an extensive range of on and off-line support, you can choose which method of help you receive

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Green Premium

Go green. Reach your efficiency goals and exceed industry standards (RoHS directive, REACH regulation, transparency through a Product Environmental Profile + an End of Life instruction). All thanks to one unique ecolabel.

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