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New! EPack™ Power Controller (1PH) now supports EtherCAT Communication

EPack™ Power Controller (1PH): Release of EtherCAT Communication Option and iTools Software V9.80...

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The efficient future for the glass industry is “all-electric”

Executive summaryThe burning of fossil fuel as an energy source in the glass melting process results in unavoidable carbon emissions,...

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The benefits of two-leg versus three leg power control, in three phase heating applications

Power knowledge white paperTraditionally, three-leg power control is used in three phase heating applications. However, in some cases three-leg control...

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Efficiency advances in glass fibre bushing control

Improving the overall performance of glass fibre bushingArticle by René Meuleman, Global Glass Business Development Manager at Eurotherm by Schneider...

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Thyristors and Transformers

It can be advantageous and cost effective to mount a thyristor unit in the primary circuit of a transformer. The...

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Thyristor Current Calculations

The formula below provides a simple way to calculate the thyristor current (IT) for various resistive loads. The calculated value...

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What our Customers Say

What our customers say...

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Eurotherm EPower available for tests at RoMan Mfg, MI USA

The RoMan Mfg transformer test facility at Grand Rapids, Michigan has now been equipped with an Invensys Eurotherm EPower based...

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How can predictive strategies contribute in a better power control and decreased energy consumption?

AbstractIn co-operation with leading glass manufactures Eurotherm have developed a new electric power  control system called EPower. The system is...

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Smart Thyristor Control of Power Supply on Electric Boosting Systems provides Potential Energy Savings

AbstractThere are of course physical limitations to the interesting and ongoing commercial strive for higher glass furnace pull rates. One...

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Making bushing control ‘green’

René Meuleman, Stanley Rutkowski and Martin Moeginger consider how to improve the efficiency and profitability of bushing positions by smart design...

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Precious metal heating control beyond energy efficiency

The focus on achieving better energy efficiency in glass manufacturing has led to the development of a ground breaking collaboration project...

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